PRH is a firm that recruits professionals for IT permanent positions.

We can also he also help you in your recruitment efforts for other profiles. Our proven recruitment strategy can be applied to any disciplines.

Our goal is to understand your needs, issues, organizational contexts and values, in order to obtain the best possible link between you and the candidates presented.

What is important for us, is to provide excellent customer service, build strong relationships based on trust, be efficient and achieve unparalleled results to satisfy our customers by meeting their requirements.

Our way of doing things is, first and foremost, to ensure that our clients hire the best people, achieve their goals and increase their retention rate and the well being of people in the business.

Our values are:

• Rigor
• Integrity
• Professionalism
• Efficiency
• Transparency

PRH was founded in 2015 by Nicholas Shanks, MBA.
Mr. Shanks has worked in the area of ​​human resources recruitment and management for more than 10 years in the private sector, both in the unionized and non-union sectors. Mr. Shanks has extensive experience in the following practices: headhunting, large-scale recruitment project management, organizational development, process diagnostics and analysis, coaching, performance management. Since his inception, Mr. Shanks has conducted thousands of interviews, filled hundreds of positions at all levels in various areas of expertise. He has also issued several HR diagnoses and ensured the implementation of effective processes and procedures for different organizations. In addition, Mr. Shanks has coached and trained many managers on effective recruitment methods and the use of best practices in human resources management, which has resulted in increased performance and reduced operational costs. He has collaborated with several companies over the years.

Services Offered


• Hunting for specialized candidates
• Mass recruitment projects (organic growth, new divisions)
• Internal consultant (corporate recruitment)
• Coaching managers
• Implementation of efficient recruitment process



PRH collaborates with various consultants and can offer complementary services in human resources management, leadership coaching, sales and marketing.



PRH is here to help you in different situations, such as :
• you do not have time to recruit
• you want to meet additional candidates
• you do not have an in-house resource person who can manage the recruitment activities
• you have a considerable amount of work and want temporary help
• you are not satisfied with the results of employees hired.






Services offered to successful candidates for opportunities offered by our clients:

• Analysis of professional needs (short, medium and long term objectives)
• CV revision
• Interview preparation
• Coaching
• Job offers


Nicholas Shanks, MBA  
Account director & recruitment